UK Music Technology Workshop Price List


Use O-Generator Music Software to learn about music and create music backing tracks. The software uses modern instruments such as the drum kit, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, etc. The software comes with a step-step audio instructor. Students learn how to create their backing track, write lyrics, how to put lyrics to music and then record.

Full Day £250
Days 1 day
 Time School hours
 Space Required ICT suite or laptops
 Staff 1 member of our team
 Numbers 30 per session: approx 4 sessions/day
 Age Group 9 – 15 years old
 Software  Includes O-Generator annual license for up to 120 users

Contact Marcel Pusey here

We also provide World Music workshops for students and teachers along with teacher insets. These can be half or full day. This is dependant on location, so please contact us for any queries.