Introducing the new
O-Generator iPad App

The new O-Generator iOS iPad App is here!

Following conversations and requests from many of the O-Generator schools we’ve produced an amazing iPad version of O-Generator. It’s ready to use at school and home!

We’ve taken the key composition features from the online version of O-Generator and crafted them for the iPad.

Take a look!


In action on the iPad!

Students learn to create their own unique parts.

– Unique O-Generator interface
– 5 instrument tracks
– Real instrument samples
– Record in GarageBand or other sequencers
– Selected instruments for your style of music
– Copy and paste
– Instrument volume and tempo control
– Multi-bar compositions
– Large in-built library of chords and notes
– Swap instruments
– Save your songs to your school account so you can use it on the classroom PC’s.

– Ideal for students to use both at home and school
– Develop core music concepts through composition
– As a sketch pad for ideas
– To practise guitar or other instruments
– As a backing band
– As a virtual drumkit
– Create and export your own loops

Record your songs, loops or parts to GarageBand on the iPad then record your vocals.

The iPad App is free and comes as part of your school, group or user subscription.


It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store

O-Generator is available by annual subscription – Enquire here

How to use O-Generator – Video Guides

Use our video guides to quickly learn the best ways of creating music with O-Generator.

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