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Your Own Songs

At School or Home

Record & Export to Sequencer

"The great thing is that students make
the choices without using preset loops.”

Kelly Haines, St Mary’s & St Peter's Primary School

Learn & Compose

Popular Music Styles

Rhythm, Melody & Harmony

Step by Step Lessons

Quizzes & Challenges

All Levels of Ability


Whole Class Percussion

Instrumental Group Practice

Funky Pop or World Music Tunes

Step by Step Instructor

Notation Provided

Write & Perform

Song Writing Projects

Ideal for Non Specialist Teachers

Cross Curricular

"We made real sounding music
and sang a song we made ourselves"

Year 6 Student, Westbourne Primary School, Sutton

O-Generator, simple and powerful

I use O-Gen with my year 7 classes, including EAL students and am able to see clear musical progression.

David Carmichael, Kings Leadership Academy, Warrington

I try to get a range of musical activities in for the children and I have to admit, this is a highlight for them!

Kim Bloomfield , Darell Primary School, Richmond