Our Music Services Partners

An O-Music partnership gives your schools access to WORKSHOPS, TEACHER TRAINING and ongoing SUPPORT. O-Music work with schools throughout the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and US. O-Generator can be used in different ways to help schools fulfil different areas of the music curriculum. It is an online app that focuses on Music Learning and Creativity.

An example of a success partnership is our work with the Essex Music hub. Now in its second year a large number of primary and secondary schools have access to using O-Generator online. Alongside a number of key partners such as Charanga, the Colchester Institute, Drake Music, Orchestralive, etc, O-Generator was identified as a resource to support Creativity and Music understanding for KS2 and KS3. O-Music provide regular training twilight sessions throughout the borough. O-Music are part of the strategy team working with the Music Services to give support to teachers and students.

The Priory School (Hertfordshire) – website
The Priory have used O-Generator for over 5 years alongside Sibelius and Audacity. Year 7 are introduced to O-Generator exploring the development of polyphonic textures and complex rhythms. It is used again in Year 9 alongside Audacity for Dance Music and Minimalism.

Tunbridge Wells Girls School (Kent) – website
The TWGGS KS3 curriculum covers a variety of musical styles and is designed to develop performing, composing, and appraising skills. TWGGS uses O-Generator alongside Sibelius and Sonar to teach Year 7, 8 and 9.

Wellington Hall School (Lancaster) – website
Wellington Hall School uses O-Generator for musical design, structure and patterns in combination with Sony Acid, Sibelius and Logic Pro software to compose and sequence music.

Westbourne Primary School (London) – website
Westbourne Year 5 and 6 use O-Generator as major component of its music programme to compose Raps and songs. Each year during the Creative Week we provide music workshops focussing on different topics.

Federation of Bramham and Shadwell (Leeds) – website
Shadwell Primary School, named as the Number One Primary School in Leeds (Times and Telegraph league tables, December 2015) uses O-Generator to teach music composition and some of the more advanced I.T.C. curriculum skills.

Bradbury School (Hong Kong)
Bradbury School uses the IB curriculum. Music is an integral part of school life. Performance and Music Technology are used in equal measure to give every child a musical grounding and experience. Each year, Year 5 have a Song writing unit. They use Garageband and O-Generator on iPads and Chromebooks. Each year we provide a workshop focusing on lyric writing and recording.


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your Music Curriculum requirements.