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O-Generator Composing Club

The Composing Club is an opportunity for those students who are keen to learn more about composing using O-Generator and other music technology. Students will be guided through KS2 and KS3 curriculum topics along the way. Topics are arranged in levels and students are encouraged to complete a level before moving on. As O-Generator is an online tool, an Education Music specialist from O-Music is able to tutor, guide, listen to students work remotely. For students it’s like having a music lesson or workshop accessible at their fingertips. It’s an ideal way to create and develop music ideas.

Students cover these musical areas.

  • Rhythm & Pulse
  • The Drum Kit
  • Melody & Harmony
  • Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Syncopation
  • Arrangement
  • Chords
  • Triads
  • Primary Chords

Students will compose and create in different styles that will be recorded.

If you have O-Generator you can create a Composing Club. Our music professional teacher will then run this online. The students will work through a  specially devised composing programme. We can support your students offering advice, providing lesson tasks, direct feedback on each composition, allowing the students to revise, improve and develop their songs from school or home.

We have created simple bite-sized modules that are set by the club teacher.
Module 1 – Rhythm

  • Level 1 – Composing Rhythms: Drum kit
  • Level 2 – Rhythm Devices: Effect Tempo. Texture. Syncopation
  • Level 3 – Composing Dance Music

Module 2 – Songwriting

  • Level 4 – Using Chords
  • Level 5 – Creating Melody Layering Music – Bass lines
  • Level 6 – Arrangements: Short Musical Stories
  • Level 7 – Song Ideas and Devices

Module 3 – Styles

  • Level 8 – Film Music
  • Level 9 – Rock & Pop Music
  • Level 10 – Dance Music Styles
  • Level 11 – World Music – Latin African

Your school requires a subscription to O-Generator. Please contact Mark Welland who will gladly help.

Tel: 01892 838110

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