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Song Creating – Music Workshops

The O-Generator partnership with Richmond Music Trust provides your school with access to creative music sessions using music technology. O-Generator is an online creative music maker that allows students to create music both at school and home! To get students and teachers started, we supply engaging induction workshops.


“The year 5 kids are still raving about it”
Rachel Scott – Arts coordinator, Westbourne Primary School, Sutton, Surrey
Here’s what our students think… “Awesome”, “Exciting”, “I liked learning about music in O-Generator”, “The funnest workshop ever”
Louisa Crowther – Music coordinator, East Sheen Primary School


Your school gets a ‘hands on’ workshop using music technology to Create, Learn or Record music. There are two types of workshops you can choose from.
Whole class Composing. This explores Literacy & Music.
Students Composing: Students use O-Generator to compose their own music.

O-Generator is a simple, yet sophisticated software. Students can create and learn about creating backing tracks. For Secondary Schools this can be used in combination with other software (Garageband, Logic, Soundation). Students use authentic sounding modern instruments, such as drum kit, electric guitars, keyboards, etc. The software has in built audio lessons. It’s great, fun way to learn how to create music, write lyrics, record and even perform.

Space Required: Classroom or ICT Suite.
Staff: One staff member from O-Music
Numbers: Maximum of 30 per session.
Timing: 1 to 2 hours sessions
Cost: Subject to the project.
Age Group: 9 – 15 years

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Workshop showcase

Chase Bridge Primary School, Twickenham
Project: Rugby World Cup Song 2015


O-Music facilitated Year 5 students in composing the lyrics, the melody and recording a Rugby World Cup Song over 4 separate sessions. The whole school were recorded on the chorus. The school appeared on the ITV News singing ‘Reach For The Sky’. It features rugby star Will Greenwood, introducing the song.


Workshop showcase

Westbourne Primary School, Sutton, Surrey
Project: Water Aid Charity Project

Year 6 students used O-Generator to create their music. O-Music spent a day helping students with lyrics, and rehearsing. The school created a Water Aid CD’s that were sold to friends and family to raise money for the charity.

Workshop showcase

East Sheen Primary School, Sheen
Project: Song writing day

Year 6 using O-Generator created a class song, writing lyrics and recording in small groups. The song was composed and recorded in the course of half a day. Every child contributed and was recorded.



Just some of the Richmond schools using O-Generator

St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s C of E Primary

Chase Bridge Primary

Darell Primary

East Sheen Primary